Pan-European multi-crop model ensemble simulations of wheat and grain maize under climate change scenarios


The simulated data set described in this paper was created by an ensemble of nine different crop models: HERMES (HE), Simplace<Lintul5,Slim3, FAO-56 ET0> (L5), SiriusQuality (SQ), MONICA (MO), Sirius2014 (S2), FASSET (FA), 4M (4M), SSM (SS), DSSAT-CSM IXIM (IX). Simulations were performed for grain maize (six models) and winter wheat (eight models) under diverse conditions over agriculturally relevant areas in the EU-27 at a 25 x 25 km spatial resolution. Simulations were drawn from combinations of three representative concentration pathways and climate outputs from five general circulation models for time periods 2040-2069 and 2070-2099. Historical climate data was the basis for simulation years 1980-2010 and considered as a baseline. Simulation results from 1980-2010 and 2040-2069 were used to analyze crop responses to changing climatic variables and their diverging sensitivities to these variables. This data paper describes the creation, motivation and format of the simulation results to enable others to use the data set.