Experimental and simulated wheat data from across a temperature gradient along the River Nile in Egypt


The dataset includes detailed field experiments from four locations across a temperature gradient along the River Nile. The data covering four contrasting environments from North (low temperature) to South (high temperature), includes Sakha (North delta, lower Egypt), Menofya (Middle delta), Benisuef (Middle Egypt) and Aswan (upper Egypt). Measurements included plant density, aboveground biomass, anthesis and maturity dates, grain yield, grains m-2, kernel weight and N content in grains as well as daily weather data (solar radiation, maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, surface wind, relative humidity, dew point and vapor pressure) and soil characteristics and crop management. Wheat was sown under full irrigation and fertilization with two planting dates. Simulations include three DSSAT-Wheat models (CERES, NWHEAT and CROPSIM).